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  • The book of poetry contains more painful memories than joyous ones. The ones that are crazy, are the ones most cherished because that’s the inner beauty of the soul.
  • You may laugh when the trial and test have been completed, the pain and hurt have no longer been a reality, and through it all you’ve endured to the end.
  • What does one do while "going, going through"? One pays the price, suffers, endures, and with all of thy inner feelings; write it down to get it out of the mind and soul.
  • The pain is the reason for the magazine series in which I wrote "Poetry For The Soul". Then eventually the book came. People must realize that unless the soul is inevitably free, the body and the mind are prisoners of "stuff". When you write from the soul, freedom reaches the hearts of others who are captives, and the messages set their bodies free.

The book came enveloped because after 30 years, the idea was nourished. Earlier works were not truly wasted.

  • My soul was released and after the soul was released, the cleansing came from the love of God holding on to me when I thought I would not make creative things materialize.

Awakening Words for the Poetically Correct

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